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   "They were called many names....Brown Eyes,  Mac, or Blondie and they were held in high esteem, with much gratitude, and remembered warmly. These were the Navy nurses and corpsmen who served abroad the hospital ships USS Consolation, USS Repose and USS Haven and in the hospital in Yokosuka during the Korean War. They took care of their wounded charges, mostly Marines with dignity, passion, warmth, and outstanding nursing skills." Quiet Heroes

 June 24, 2000: Today a very special luncheon was held at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in the Officers Club. Its purpose was twofold. First it commemorated the 50th anniversary of the dedicated service performed by the United States Navy Nurses & Corpsmen who served in the Korean War.  Secondly it was the launch of a powerful bookcover1.jpg (28665 bytes) about these "angels of mercy", authored by nurse2.jpg (21159 bytes) Frances Omori, Commander, U.S. Navy, entitled "Quiet Heroes Navy Nurses of the Korean War 1950-1953 Far East Command". Click on the book cover above to learn the story behind its creation.

As guests arrived, nurse3.jpg (41931 bytes) they were greeted by   Marilyn Ewing Affleck, one of the actual nurses whose story is profiled in the book, or Commander Omori.  

They nurse5.jpg (33047 bytes)were invited to sign the "Guest Book" along with several copies of "Quiet Heroes". 

Placed in strategic spots, around the reception, nurse7.jpg (35885 bytes) were displays where one could viewnurse8.jpg (38411 bytes) photos and remember nurse9.jpg (33304 bytes)old friends, places, and times from the war.

There were even maps,nurse9a.jpg (47468 bytes) where the nurses could indicate where they had served.

Personalnurse11.jpg (42462 bytes) photo albums were available  for viewing, during the entire event, nurse10.jpg (30853 bytes) as well.

And.... there was much excitementnurse12.jpg (45731 bytes) in finding oneself in the book "Quiet Heroes"nurse13.jpg (43794 bytes)

People were just amazed and spellbound by that book ! 

Of course this event had its share of paparazzi present. The reception lasted from 1200 to 1300hrs.  

Many "reunions" took place but the most poignant one occurred when S. Sgt.  James Libonati, USMC(Ret) was reunited with his "Angel of Mercy", Marilyn Ewing Affleck for the first time in 50 years !  Marilyn had cared for him when he arrived wounded at the Naval Hospital Yokosuka. There were plenty of smiles,nurse18.jpg (35260 bytes) hugs and a few damp eyes all around.  

Here now are some more photo highlights of the opening reception.....

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