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    Photographic coverage of the reception continues...

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  At 1300hrs, upon the arrival of Admiral T. Joseph Lopez, USN (Ret), Gunnery Sergeant Garrison Gigg, USMC (Ret)nurse44a.jpg (23930 bytes) announced it was time for lunch.

 When all were seated in the dining room, Gunnery Sergeant Gigg read the official Congressional Record Statement proclaiming June 24, 2000 as the official day of recognition for the U.S. Navy  nurses & corpsmen who served during the Korean War. Hence forth and forevermore June 24 would be known as Navy Nurses of the Korean War Day.

George Afflecknurse45.jpg (38389 bytes) then gave the invocation.  The Officers Club did an outstanding job in preparing today's lunch which consisted of Chicken Parisian with Rice and Supreme Apple Pie. 

Here now are highlights of the seating arrangements...

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