Over the past 35 years. CFLP has photographed many high profile celebrities, VIPs and personalities  from the entertainment, art, fashion, sports, and political worlds.  Below are more samples of people I have covered.



                     2010 Miss America-Carissa Cameron*                   2009 Bruce In The USA*                           2010  Melinda Doolittle*


                                           Justin Gaurini*                      Ruby Hayes              Micheal Milkan*                  Cres ONeal*


                                            Levan Reid                                Shin Koyamada - Risa Okayama                   Larz From Mars*


                            Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge*          Lila Downs*                       Cyro Baptista*                   Eileen Ivers*


                                Tony Perkins*           Vanessa Rubin - Nicholas Payton*               Marion Barry*              Shauntay Hinton* 


                               Hiromi*                      Larry Coryell*             Alphonce Mouzon*            Victor Bailey*              Oliver Mtukudzi*


                               Gary Smulyan*                                  Frank London*                          Geoffrey Gallante*           Robert Lighthouse*


                  2004 Miss America-Ericka Dunlap*     Lawyer Milloy*              Cyndi Thomson*       2008 Miss America-Kirsten Haglund*


                               Stephen Jenkins-Third Eye Blind*                          Spot*                                      Tom Kelly - Leon Harris*


                      Vernon Taylor-Sun Records*               B.F. Saul - Leo A. Daly*                         Newt Gingrich*      Dr. Christiaan Barnard* 


                                             Bill Blass*       Lynda Carter - Robert Altman*  Chris & Kathleen Matthews*         Herbert H. Haft*


                                         Denise Williams*                    Cathy Fink*                   Marcy Marxer*            Wayna Wondwussen*


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