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      Over the past 35 years. CFLP has photographed many high profile celebrities, VIPs and personalities from the entertainment, art, fashion, sports, and political worlds.  Below is a sampling of people covered. Not sure who they are..."Google" them.


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                      Pia Zadora*                    Dennis Weaver*              Suzanne Somers*                Mike Love*           Sugar Ray Leonard-Mary Hart*

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                      James Olmos*                                  Oscar de la Renta                                     Tom Arnold*                       Deidre Hall*

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                       Henny Youngman*                 Chevy Chase*               Diane Carroll*                Sen. John Kerry*            George Peppard*

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                                  Donna Mills*                    Vic Damone*                        Robert F. Kennedy Jr.*                        Gene Barry*

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                                        Larry Hagman & Sen. Bob Dole*                      Justice Kennedy, Justice Scalia, Jill & Michael Eikenberry*

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                        Barbara Eden, Jill Ireland, Charles Bronson*                               Blair Underwood*                                 Paloma Picasso*


                                                         Phyllis Diller*                      Effi Barry - Robin Weir*                          Zsa Zsa Gabor*  


                                 Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf*        Cindy Crawford*                     Rosie Greer*               Pres. George W. Bush*


                                                Al Gore                       Jack Valenti*                       Kirk Douglas*                     Nancy Sinatra*   


                                  Darrell Green*                DC Mayor Anthony Williams*                     Paul DiMeo*        Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton*


                   Brooks Robinson*  Pose2-Chor Boogie-DCMayor Adrian M Fenty-Joshua Mays*    Mark Mosely*         Bruce Johnson*


                                                Clint Black*                                               Monica*                                           Carol King* 


                                  Keter Betts*                                   Hugh Masekela*                         Bobby Parker*               Chuck Brown*


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