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Welcome back...

During the reception,  0609jj.jpg (46654 bytes)videotaped interviews, of the "Quiet Heroes"  author as well as several of the nurses profiled in the book, were being conducted by 0609kk.jpg (49236 bytes)Sergeant Prekin USMC of the U.S. Navy News.

At the conclusion of the reception, the colors 0609hh.jpg (32358 bytes)were presented.  The invocation was given by 0609ii.jpg (40705 bytes)Gunnery Sergeant Garrison Gigg  USMC (Ret.) after which lunch was served.

An excellent meal of Chicken Parisian with Rice was served by the staff of "The Clubs of Quantico". Our hats off to the Chef !  There was however an unexpected "surprise" dessert for one particular attendee.  The mystery began as the main meal was winding down and 0609nn.jpg (33987 bytes)CDR Frances Omori, USN and veteran nurse Marilyn Ewing Affleck stepped up to the podium to announce  a surprise birthday. 

                                Who's birthday could that be0609mm.jpg (23842 bytes)??????  

We will give you a hint...

                          (1) He is one hell of a Marine who served his country well in the Korean War.

                                 (2) His nickname is "Gunny ".

                                           (3) He is a member of "The Chosin Few ".


                                                       Now do you know who it is???

                                                                               0609oo.jpg (37426 bytes)

                                        Happy Birthday to you "Gunny" Garrison Gigg !

As "Gunny" stepped up to the podium the "Girls" showered him with 0609pp.jpg (37945 bytes)hugs... 

 0609qq.jpg (41429 bytes)kisses...  and  a bag of 0609rr.jpg (44174 bytes)goodies.

 Some Marines have all the luck ! 

Gunny accepted these 0609ss.jpg (35910 bytes)gifts quite graciously and then proceeded to give a short but very eloquent "thank you"  0609tt.jpg (33751 bytes)speech.  

Now it was time for this 0609uu.jpg (36456 bytes)Marine to cut his 0609vv.jpg (29265 bytes)cake !

Gunny 0609ww.jpg (31829 bytes)presented the very first piece, with much affection, to the "oldest" veteran Navy Nurse 0609xx.jpg (33932 bytes) present. His "battle-plan" called for the next piece to go to the youngest nurse present but as he put it...."You all look so young to us here today that I can't select just one of you". And so the cake was cut and served to all.

Congratulations Gunny from all of us !

During lunch, the base newspaper 0609yy.jpg (30891 bytes)reporter was also busy interviewing the "Quiet Heroes  " nurses.

When lunch concluded, it was time for the main program. 0609zz.jpg (33486 bytes)Gunnery Sergeant Garrison Gigg USMC (Ret.) served as "MC"After his opening remarks he then made the following presentations. 

First he 0609aaa.jpg (36656 bytes)read a statement by Senator Daniel K. Inouye expressing his admiration for the nurses and corpsmen who served in Korea. He wished them well.  Next a very poignant letter written by a Korean War Orphan was 0609bbb.jpg (34343 bytes)read. In this letter the writer made it clear how important the nurses and corpsmen had been to the orphans both in deed and thought. And that even 50 years later they were still very grateful to all who helped them during their greatest time of need.

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