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Welcome all,

                     Navy Nurses, Corpsmen & Marines who served during the Korean War...

                           On June 21, 2003 the fourth and possibly final "Quiet Heroes " luncheon was held at The Clubs of Quantico, Marine Corps Base Quantico Virginia. This year's reunion as in past years was held to honor and remember the tremendous services and sacrifices performed by the Navy Nurses and Corpsmen during the Korean War. It also honored the many Marines who gave so much during that time.

It also served as a "thank you" to  2003QH3048.jpg (27138 bytes)CDR Frances Omori, USN* for bringing their remarkable efforts and personal stories to public attention in her QHbookCover1.jpg (21231 bytes)book "Quiet Heroes Navy Nurses of the Korean War 1950-1953 Far East Command ". Furthermore it celebrated the fact that June 24 was officially designated by Congress, in the year 2000, as "Navy Nurse of the Korean War Day ". You can learn more about this by visiting the inaugural "Quiet Heroes " luncheon by clicking here.

The 2003 reunion-luncheon was organized and staged by "Quiet Heroes" nurse Marilyn Ewing Affleck with help from Gunnery Sergeant Gig Garrison USMC (Ret.) and CDR Frances Omori, USN.

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                                                      "Gunny" Gig Garrison USMC (Ret.) & Marilyn Ewing Affleck

Attendance was up this year with many people returning from the 2002 luncheon. Some guests like  2003QH1095.jpg (28427 bytes)Carola Braun Gradilone (nurse) and 2003QH3122.jpg (25835 bytes)S. Sgt. James Libonati USMC (Ret) shown here with Marilyn Ewing Affleck (who cared for him at the Navel Hospital Yokosuka during the Korean War) returned from the original 2000 luncheon.  As in past years, some members of the Old Dominion Chapter of the 1st Marine Division Association  and The Chosin Few  were in attendance.

It was great to see many new 2003QH1091.jpg (31976 bytes)faces too. Here is a group photo of some of the "Quiet Heroes " Nurses, Corpsmen and Marines who attended today...

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The luncheon ran from 1130-1430hrs and began with an informal reception. 

One could sign the 2003QH1006.jpg (36978 bytes)guest book, 2003QH1032.jpg (37849 bytes)greet returning 2003QH3018.jpg (30026 bytes)friends, or meet 2003QH3021.jpg (38817 bytes)new ones.

You could have your "Quiet Heroes " book 2003QH3065.jpg (30363 bytes)signed by the author and or nurses/corpsmen who were profiled in it. 

Posing for the zany  2003QH1101.jpg (29121 bytes)"Nurse Paparazzi" was 2003QH1021.jpg (27794 bytes)fun ! 

Sharing a couple of laughs2003QH2094.jpg (28694 bytes)with fellow nurses was easy as was showing your relatives your 2003QH3069.jpg (42836 bytes)place in the "Quiet Heroes " book. 

Of course there were plenty of 2003QH1015.jpg (44803 bytes)interesting and informative displays about the "Quiet Heroes " nurses and corpsmen to view.

Speaking of displays... 2003QH1005.jpg (28571 bytes)Pearce Grove*, who served on the hospital ship USS Consolation (1950-52), setup a tremendous 2003QH1112.jpg (44732 bytes)display of photographs for all to view. Here now are a few highlights of this interesting display...

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*Pearce Grove served aboard the USS Consolation as a machinist mate 2nd class and was later commissioned as an officer.

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