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Welcome back...

The "formal" program got underway with a few qh19.jpg (30942 bytes)opening remarks by "Gunny" Garrison Gigg USMC (Ret). qh21.jpg (35778 bytes)Gunny thanked all for coming, remarked how wonderful all the nurses looked, and then introduced the keynote speaker.... qh20.jpg (34793 bytes)Capt. Karen Ott NC, USN. who is the Deputy Director of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps.  With great eloquence Capt. Ott NC, USN. explained what a great privilege it was to be among the very nurses and corpsmen who exemplified the highest standard of compassionate service to their fellow man, during the Korean War. 

She commended them for this service and noted that  they were a source of great inspiration to all who enter the Navy Nurse Corps today. She concluded by observing that it was the duty of younger generations to keep and pass on the accomplishments of these "Quiet Heroes" so that they would be remembered always.

Following the keynote speech, Gunny turned the podium over to qh23.jpg (38134 bytes)Jan Herman who made a qh22.jpg (39556 bytes)few remarks about his documentary film project he was producing with the Navy, detailing the experiences of these nurses and corpsmen during the Korean War so that their stories would be archived on film for future generations. In fact, a film crew was set up in the next room so that Jan could conduct on camera interviews qh25.jpg (35128 bytes)after the luncheon was over.

Finally Marilyn Ewing Affleck made a few "thank you" award presentations, first to "Gunny" Garrison Gigg USMC (Ret). for his tremendous help, as in past years, in staging this reunion luncheon and then to the qh24a.jpg (45309 bytes)"Nurse Paparazzo's"... Chip & David. It should be noted that Chip's very cool tie collection has grown by leaps & bounds since the first reunion luncheon !

After the formal program ended it was time once again to qh29.jpg (32741 bytes)socialize, qh28.jpg (33688 bytes)pose for more pictures, and qh27.jpg (46465 bytes)check out a photo presentation of last year's reunion that David Litvin had created on his laptop.

Here now are more photo-highlights of this year's reunion luncheon......

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                                                                                              Start of 2002 Reunion


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