Retro Digital is Cool !

                                   2007 Chip Feise/CFLP

                                   1998 Chip Feise/CFLP

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                                                             1998 Chip Feise/CFLP

Using "retro" digital cameras is not only cool but fun as well. And in my opinion they can still be used for professional work depending on the assignment and where the image will be published.

The stain glass window was captured with a Canon G10*. A Nikon CoolPix 950* digital camera captured the wall relief statue, the Kodak DC120* digital camera was used to create both the panoramic image of the US Capitol and the image of the keyboard "J" key and finally the Nikon D1* captured the image of the Washington Monument as seen from the Capitol building.

 The Canon G10* was a 10MP camera, the Nikon CoolPix 950* a 2MP camera, the Kodak DC120* used a CCD chip rated at about 1MP and the Nikon D1* used a 2.75MP CCD chip. For web publication these camera's images look very good to great depending on how you prepare the files.

Some of the early digital cameras with proper filtration in front of the lens could produce wild infrared like images such as the photo below which was captured with a Nikon CoolPix 950* whose lens was outfitted with both #25 Red & #11Green filters. WoW!

                                                                     1999 Chip Feise/CFLP

There are a lot of used "retro" digital cameras out there with most being dirt cheap to buy. The reason to buy and use them is the same reason many photographers have bought both Diana* and Holga* film cameras. The "retro" digital cameras may give your images a look that the latest 18-36MP cameras cannot. And is fun to see how far you can "push" their capabilities in order to create cool images. In the U.S. many of these cameras can be found at yard sales, flea markets, and possibly on EBAY* or Craigslist*. So get out there and try one of them out! You may just discover a whole lot of creativity.

So...the point then of "Retro Digital" is to explore & create galleries from as many retro cameras as time permits.



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